Thursday, February 17, 2011

Catching Up.....Again

Once again we've neglected our blog for months. Sorry to everyone craving pictures of the girls. I'm going to try to be better about this. In the meantime, here are some pictures to catch you all up on our last few months.

Esther and Beatrice playing with our neighbor Zuleka. She comes over to play almost everyday. Esther says she never wants to move because she always wants to Zuleka to be our neighbor.

Esther lost her first tooth.

Beatrice LOVES Lydia. Lydia LOVES LOVES LOVES her thumb.

Beatrice is watching a movie of her cousins Winfield and Harriet eating salad and exclaiming how wonderful it is. We thought this might inspire her, but alas her hatred of all things non-bread goes on.

St. Nicholas Day

Lydia cooking.

We decided to cut Bea's mullet for her debut as a flower girl in our friends Tyson and Laura's wedding. For about a year, the back of her hair had been growing but the sides and front were not. It gave her a distinctive Billy Ray Cyrus look which we thought was hilarious. But really, how long can you do that to someone?

In November E & B's preschool's pet rabbit, Foffles, need a home to stay in over the weekend. Lydia was in love. Foffles did not appreciate the squealing.

For Halloween Esther was a tiger and Beatrice was a cat. Lydia was a bumblebee but apparently we don't have a picture of her...bad parents.

Lydia when she first started walking.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catching up

Sorry for not posting for 9 months! Here's a quick overview of the last year. It's a little sparse, but we promise to be better in the future. So here's our last year in reverse...

Lydia's First Birthday: we celebrated with a backpacking trip to 20 Lakes Basin (the kids hiked 5 miles!) and some mini-cupcakes.

Swim Lessons

Beatrice dressed herself.

When Sara went on vacation to Seattle, Jed took the kids camping and fishing. In the first picture you can see the big girls helping to keep Lydia on the tarp so she won't eat rocks.

Obligatory kid eating spaghetti picture

This summer Jed took the big girls to Indiana to visit the Dean family while Sara took Lydia home to Long Beach to see the Ocon family.

Summer Soccer Camp

A hike to Bald Mountain in Sonoma.

Fruit picking with Jerel and Chana

Obligatory 'baby in the sink' photo.

In May, Sara took Esther to see a local production of The Sound of Music. Her favorite part was the cupcake at intermission.

Rainbow cupcakes for Beatrice's 3rd birthday. She chose the pink one.

Here are some pictures from Bea's birthday backpacking trip. The whole family hiked about 3 miles to Coast camp in Point Reyes Nat'l Seashore.

Way to go Lydia! Compare.

Way to go Bea!

Lydia's first solid food in February.

Beatrice's first day of preschool in January.

Christmas Morning. The girls are wearing their favorite presents: "spinning skirts" from Aunt Rachel and Uncle Jared. Lydia seems frightened to be propped up by her sisters.

Of course only live action will do the spinning skirts justice.

Christmas Pageant. The big girls were shepherds.

That's Lydia as Baby Jesus.

Esther's 4th and Jed's 32nd Birthday.

Birthday cupcakes. This is the least weird face Bea made in these pictures.

Thanksgiving--turkey sandwich and pumpkin pie picnic

The week before Thanksgiving E and B picked one thing they were thankful for and one thing they were going to "give" each day. Enlarge to read the madness.